Fatloss Success Stories: Joeline Cornick

Experiments With Fatloss & Performance

Joeline completed her first weight loss challenge in Jan 2013. I am not going to sugar coat the process like so many others do. Where Josh had the Insulin Sensitivity of a new born baby, Joeline and I did not. Fatloss for girls is 1000 times harder than it is for men.

Ladies have so much more to account from a hormonal & lifestyle adjustment standpoint.

Introduction To Training

To put things in perspective Joe cried during her first session. That was literally just 3 brisk walks up and down a hill and some split squats. Little did I know she had the heart of a champion…

Jo entered into a similar linear, progressive phase of training that  lasted about 12 weeks before we started introducing her to higher intensities. Ladies often limit themselves to lifting ‘lady’ weights and so often stall weigh-loss.

If you are not occasionally nauseous when you train you are not pushing yourself hard enough…

On this transformation we spent a massive amount of time working on Joeline’s eating and the regularity of her meals. Rarely did she eat breakfast or lunch which is an abysmal mistake.

She had a small amount of difficulty in adjusting to my initial recommendations but after 2 weeks missed breakfasts were a thing of the past and she was consuming more ‘meat ‘n veg’ :D.

Joeline was already pretty good at staying hydrated, sleeping enough (she’s a mom) and consuming enough high quality protein and veg. From this point she started Hardstyle Kettlebell Training which she performed for the last 3 of the initial 6 months allocated to her transformation.

Sample GVT Routine 1/3:

Warmup: KB Wallsquat  3 x 10-12

Double Arm KB Backsquat: 10×10 Reps/Sets

 Hardstyle Swing: 10×10 Reps/Sets

TKG (Turkish Get-Up) 3 x 3 per side

 She completed this for 3 weeks each month with the last week of each wave halving the total amount of sets so she could recover.



 Joe performing one of her GVT sets… 7/10 I believe. Look at the tempo of each rep. Here she is completing 10×10 with x2 14Kg Kettlebells. Amazing how much your legs start to shake on the final sets.

Joeline was selected for a Women’s Health feature recently since she has also abstained from alcohol for over a year now. I’m super proud of this lady and she has lost even more weight since these last images have been shot! I can’t wait to see updated pics of her transformation!

Why is German Volume Training Effective For Men & Women?

  • For FFA (Free Fatty Acids) to be mobilized from subcutaneous fat (fat below the skin) the training must be intense. Fat is oxidized (burnt) by the muscles during exercise.
  • The total amount of Lactic acid  produced by a workout (the burn) will determine the acidity of your body. This has been correlated with higher amount of GH, the sought after anti aging hormone responsible for young lean bodies.
  • GVT promotes the development of lean muscle mass which has been demonstrated clinically to metabolize fat for energy even when you are not exercising. This is important as regular CV training does not facilitate this unless you are working above 7-80% of your maximum heart rate.
  • GVT is intense enough to facilitate the fat loss required by most people, however, this must be graduated according to the type of trainee and their history of train-ability.

First Time Trainee Tips:

  1. Sometimes the ends do justify the means. Performance is fatloss. Make sure you are seeing a professional who can help you establish a progressive & safe long term solution to training hard.
  2. Earn your Carbs! Insulin Sensitivity is something that can be improved with Strength training but it takes time and for many people who are obese time is the defining characteristic.
  3. Breakfast is absolutely essential.
  4. Assess your goals and scale according to the principle of priority. Unless you are a professional athlete losing more than 1% bodyfat a week is unlikely. Create boundaries & do not compromise on your nutrition, intensity or long term programming.
  5. Routine is essential for success.

The Meat & Nut Breakfast by Charles Poliquin

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the essential tools that I have used to create an easy to maintain physique. While this topic goes beyond the scope of one article I cannot communicate how important it is to add structure to your daily routine & push yourself.

These are the most basic principles one can administer and they make up the largest proportion of many people’s results.

David Robertson

I have dedicated my life to training and nutrition and I have traveled the world seeking the best tools available for the development of Strength, Cognition & Wellness. As somebody who has never had the luck of the draw regarding the ‘genetic lottery’ I created this blog to document the experiments and tools that have changed my life the most.