Training For The First Time?

Experiments With Training

There was a period where I really just didn’t ‘get’ exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I have spent countless amounts of time reading Strength or nutrition related material but just like you I often find my stumbling block is simply staying motivated. Get your training right the first time around and you will get better results!

What Is The Best Time To Train?

If you were to identify the specific periods in your day when you are most productive, it’s likely it would be when you are on your own. This is either first thing in the morning or late at night. The ideal time to do what’s important, right?

These are the two specific periods that many people frequently gravitate toward when deciding when to train. What I have identified is that depending on your own Neurotransmitter makeup you will perform at a higher level on on or the other.

If You Are Already Lean & Strong This Can Take 8 weeks!

People like me do not do well on training in the mornings because as somebody who has always been lethargic I find it’s easy to overstress my adrenals with stimulants and exercise but I suffer for it later on…

The key to introducing yourself to exercise in the mornings is to wake your body up completely before training.

  • No exercise for 2 hours after waking unless you naturally gravitate toward AM sessions
  • Hot water and lemon tea is an excellent way to wake up your organs without stimulants
  • Training does turn on your ‘CNS’ and all other neurotransmitters associated with focus and concentration but even more so in the AM so only natural pre-workouts such as Acetyl-L Carnitine, MSM, astaxanthin need apply here
  • Rigorous warm up required


Would you be interested in doing this in 4 weeks? Give our challenge a try…

 Sample Waking Routine (This is me):

4:30AM First Alarm Set

5:00AM 1 Cup Hot Lemon Water / Digestive Enzymes and Pro-Biotics


Fist sized portion of lean protein (that I cooked the night before)

50g Nuts that I rotate daily between Walnuts, Cashew, Macadamias and Almond

My choice of Bellpepper (I make this all on a cutting board and eat on the go, faster that way).

Improve Cognition & Mood With These Foods & Supplements

Clients: 6AM – 10AM

Pre-workout: It should be law that if you suffer from lethargy in the AM you should not take stimulants before you exercise. I fail here often yet it is important to note that I do include a small pre-workout meal which is normally nut butter.

Warmup: Any form of light Kettlbell complex or low level pushing and pulling will do…

Sample Beginners Routine:

Perform this routine 3 times per week initially with one days rest between workouts. On days you feel absolutely terrible you can halve the sets and reps. A1 & A2 are paired and completed as supersets, same for the other B1, B2, C1, C2. RKC Bridge is completed on it’s own or you can try the normal version if you are extremely unfit.


Exercise: Sets: Reps: Tempo: Rest:
A1: Kettlebell Half Squat 3 12 301 90 Sec
A2: Kettlebell Halo 3 12 301
B1: KB Full Squat 4 12,12,8,8 401 90 Sec
B2: Kettlebell Halo 4 12,12,8,8 401
C1: KB Wall press 5 5 401 60Sec
C2: 1-Arm Row (Wall) 5 5 401
D1: RKC Bridge 3 40Sec 45 Sec


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Nutrition For First Timers:

Breakfast is the foundation for health and energy. You cannot perform optimally in stressful enviroments or everyday life if you do not supply your body with essential nutrients like Omega 3 and 6 fats, amino acids and high quality carbs.

A Basic Regime Can Make The Biggest Difference

Individuals starting out on a new health journey can make so much progress simply by eliminating all forms of Sugar, Wheat, Hydrogenated fats & dairy. That was the essential method that I used with Joeline during the whole transformation except that she only exercised 3 times per week twice that year. We could have finished her transformation sooner but not with creating further damage which was not my prerogative.

The reality is that people who are new to exercise do not need overcompensate to achieve relative levels of health and wellness. Eat a clean and varied whole food diet is more than enough to begin a healthy journey. Eating a variety of organic produce is essential.



I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the essential tools that I have used to create an easy to maintain physique. While this topic goes beyond the scope of one article I cannot communicate how important it is to add structure to your daily routine & push yourself. These are the two most basic principles one can administer daily and they make up the sum of many people’s results.


David Robertson

I have dedicated my life to training and nutrition and I have traveled the world seeking the best tools available for the development of Strength, Cognition & Wellness. As somebody who has never had the luck of the draw regarding the ‘genetic lottery’ I created this blog to document the experiments and tools that have changed my life the most.