Freedom? [Greece 2016]

Greece is incredibly beautiful. Just taking a drive out of Athens and into the countryside shows me why this country has such a mythological heritage. Everything is just bursting with creative energy.

As a kid I grew up on a farm and for a few hours each day I got a chance to investigate just how complex the world around us can be. I made friends with other children from neighbouring townships, spent time just enjoying life and stealing beer from my brother 😉

The grass was so tall that as an 8 year old I could just walk out into a field, sit down and I was in my own world.

I think this was what completely ruined any hope that I would stay in a corporate career or stare into anything other than a history or english teachers face for longer than an hour. Once you know what real freedom is it’s hard to argue that many of us appreciate what that is.

Most people call the inability to sit still and concentrate ‘ADD’ or ‘ADHD’. I could not help but notice that many people have what I call ‘ITALS’ or ‘Inability To Appreciate Life Syndrome’. I noticed this most when I visited the ancient battlefield of Thermopylae and the hill where the Spartan 300 died.

“A thousand years from now” Leonidas declared, “two thousand, three thousand years hence, men a hundred generations yet unborn may, for their private purposes, make journey to our country. They will come, scholars perhaps or travelers from beyond the sea, prompted by curiosity regarding the past or appetite for knowledge of the ancients. They will peer out across our plain and probe among the stone and rubble of our nation. What will they learn about us? Their shovels will unearth neither brilliant palaces nor temples. Their picks will prize forth no everlasting architecture or art. What will remain of the Spartans? Not monuments of marble or bronze, but this- what we do here today.” Out beyond the narrows, the enemy trumpets sounded.”
Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae

Most people just went up there, looked around, mused briefly on God knows what and then left. I sat under the shade of some trees near the memorial and wondered how people did not appreciate just how lucky we all are.

Here is a post by Pablo Neruda that I really like:

You start dying slowly
if you do not travel,
if you do not read,
If you do not listen to the sounds of life,
If you do not appreciate yourself.

You start dying slowly
When you kill your self-esteem;
When you do not let others help you.

You start dying slowly
If you become a slave of your habits,
Walking everyday on the same paths…
If you do not change your routine,
If you do not wear different colours
Or you do not speak to those you don’t know.

You start dying slowly
If you avoid to feel passion
And their turbulent emotions;
Those which make your eyes glisten
And your heart beat fast.

You start dying slowly
If you do not change your life when you are not satisfied with your job, or with your love,
If you do not risk what is safe for the uncertain,
If you do not go after a dream,
If you do not allow yourself,
At least once in your lifetime,
To run away from sensible advice…


David Robertson

I have dedicated my life to training and nutrition and I have traveled the world seeking the best tools available for the development of Strength, Cognition & Wellness. As somebody who has never had the luck of the draw regarding the ‘genetic lottery’ I created this blog to document the experiments and tools that have changed my life the most.