David Robertson’s Experiments with Cognitive & Physical Performance

When I’m not trying to climb mountains you can probably find me drinking Espresso or reading something imaginative. I enjoy learning about different cultures, travel & working with my hands. Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

I have dedicated my life to training and nutrition and I have traveled the world seeking the best tools available for the development of Strength, Cognition & Wellness.You can take a look at my transformation here. You can also see the rest of my clients transformations here.

My Battle With Depression

Climbing Paarl Domes

I created this blog to be as open and transparent about depression as possible. Most people don’t know that I have a history of chronic depression in my family and I have been lucky enough to have used exercise to mitigate most of it’s adverse effects.

Unfortunately it was only when WHO released information about the incidence of Suicide worldwide (one very 40sec) that I decided to speak openly for the first time. I have unfortunately lost both my brother and father to mental illness and I offer an honest reassurance to those who have suffered the same that life does improve after such tragedies.

To lift the veil of silence affecting so many people our attitude to pain needs to change. Only then can each person be acknowledged for their difficulty and healing can begin. I know that it has taken me many years and many foibles to achieve the healing I so desperately craved as a young man. Unfortunately many people are still unaware of how debilitating mental health difficulties can be for those affected by them.

To proceed very far through the desert, you must be willing to meet existential suffering and work it through. In order to do this, the attitude toward pain has to change. This happens when we accept the fact that everything that happens to us has been designed for our spiritual growth.”
M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth


Aside from catering to the royal family in London and working at the world’s most prestigious law firms as a PT in 2005. I have also worked at The Renaissance Body Science Institute & currently operate from Progressive Edge Performance in Greenpoint. I have also trained a variety of local & international celebrities.


David Robertson (www.resultfitness.co.za) is a Qualified Fitness Instructor in Cape Town, South Africa.With a keen interest in sport David went to London is 2005 to pursue his career as Lifestyle Consultant within London’s competitive corporate wellness sector.

He has worked at the headquarters of the Lehman Brothers, Linklaters and Clifford Chance firms as well as Merryl Lynch & Rothchild financial centre’s. David’s intense interest in fitness & sport has acquired him a leading edge in the fitness industry today. As a result his methodology is one of the few that remains a proponent of results that can be brought about naturally, healthily and within the spectrum that is our own genetic potential.


David has rigorously sifted through much of the data regarding the art of body re-composition & conditioning to bring about a cutting edge understanding that does not value the use of pills, potions and fad’s which do not give lasting results. His is a system that incorporates the systematic use of exercise, nutritional strategies & education to bring about changes that last a lifetime, not just a few weeks.