Grateful for David’s assistance after a lower back injury. Today I PR’d 100Kg on my backsquat again for the first time since and it felt great!

Hylton Heather

Dave is helping me to strengthen my core, knee’s and back so I play soccer at a higher level. I’m getting stronger and leaner and I really enjoy the sessions.

Donve' Simpson

You spent time helping me find where all of my weak spots were and used your expertise to show me how to address them correctly. The training environment was great, you made me feel at home, and were extremely friendly. I always finished each of my training sessions feeling very satisfied and confident that it was an effective workout and productive use of my time.

Eric Chowles

Dave is an expert in his field, and has pushed me through mental and physical challenges I never dreamt I could achieve. I am not a ‘gym person’, but I find myself looking forward to my workouts now! It really has been a life changing experience!

Catherine Gillespie

Dave helped me strengthen my injured ankle. He has also been a motivating and empathetic coach who has graduated my training according to my goals and abilities. I have seen a impressive improvement in my quality of life and body composition.

Sophia Kardar

Dave is an amazing, patient, gentle, intense and passionate trainer. Undoubtedly one of the best trainers around. He challenges all boundaries..

Muqsooda Parker

Prior to performing on Survivor SA Dave helped me prepare my mind for the challenges that I faced on the island. Extremely grateful for all his help and support.

Genavieve Alkana

I cannot believe how much my life has changed in the last 2 years. From extremely depressed, lethargic and afraid to step out of my comfort zone I have lost 28Kg and am still dropping! #womenshealth Dec Issue here we come!!!

Joeline Cornick

Dave has written a variety of nutrition and training related material that has helped me over the years. Soon I will be a supermodel too.

Hagen Liebberger

With a problematic knee and being in my 50’s I had to find a form of exercise I could relate to and someone with a deep understanding of the body.  David does just that. He understands exactly what needs to be activated and starts at the core of the problem. His knowledge is vast and detailed. I could barely do anything when I started. I can now do squats and my body feels hugely different since working with him. I am getting much stronger.This is a huge indication of progress. I see him twice a week and he incorporates simple but effective training methods. He works accordingly to my body type and age. He is the best find by far as he understands.  Am looking forward to the next 3 months.

Beverley Fischer

I really appreciate all of Dave’s advice & experience. He fixed my knee’s!

Allison Morison

David’s classes were very dynamic, fluid and very functional.

Cavina Ousthuizen

David’s expertise has made me stronger, leaner and healthier than I have ever been.

Michael Collocot

David taught me that I can push my body further than my mind wanted to take it.

Dominic Kristafor

I am training harder than I ever thought possible. Training helps me to push through mental barriers each day. 20 kg snatch … bring it on!

Candice Samuels

Pushing your limits has everything to do with achieving your goals. Do it the right way. I did.

Josh Jansen

David Robertson is going places, and I can see why. The great service and attention to detail has me coming back for more.

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